Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Formulate A ideal Green Screen Studio for Photography/video

Digital film making is the modern trends now in the animation field and it’s constantly improved its place in this technology; we all show that it get better and better position. Due to the accessibility of digital film making gadgets, everyone wants to be a filmmaker or moviemaker. The availability of resources was able to encourage young brains to raise their creative sides and come up with various forms of media representations.

Green screen London

When we watch any kind of movies, we are glad to show fantastic scenes that look so real. However, filmmakers have some techniques to come up with these amazing shots. A green screen shooting is a part of these techniques. Such kinds of methods are used on these days for these types of incredible scenes. But actually, green screens are not new in this field for video production. It has been already used so many years ago. However, there are some advantages with the green screen studio. This technology also used to create dynamic backgrounds.
Green screen studio used for merging two images together. Once the background colour of first image is removed, and then the second image which is behind on first one, it will serve as the final background. This background can be display virtually anything which you want to setup there, like a beach setting or even something created in your imagination. There are no practical boundaries with this.

Following some basic tips define which helps to enhance your knowledge about green screen studio:

 Professional Lighting

One of the biggest concerns you will face in producing flawless videos is always with lots of lighting. The success will be dictating if you are use good materials. The situation of the lighting sources must be particular. Lighting must be reflecting till then to avoid any shadows on the green set. Because shadows will give a dark shed over the final output. Remember that, lighting is so much important part of video shooting.  Buying some professional flashes is a brilliant plan. If you are able to afford this, then get them as well as use of them in your green screen studio. With this flash kit, this will give a diffused look.

 Use Natural Light

If you have a self-effacing budget for your green screen studio, then use the natural light for shooting. It will be a great plan if you have limited budget. In case the day will be bright, you can do your work with sunlight. In the top prevent any kinds of dark areas reflect on the screen, it means that the background surface as well as the actor are going to stay out of the shadow and  receive equal amounts of light.

DIY Lighting

DIY lightning is an expensive option for your green screen studio. Your images or clips might look dim or bright, it means that you don’t get proper lighting in the studio, then visit any hardware store and look for spotlight lamps. The screen can be light up with equally through placing your spotlights over the background. But keep in mind that the screen should not be over-light up. Make sure that use of a different group of lights for illuminating around 6-8 feet of your screen's foreground.

When you are searching for lighting options for your green screen studio, don't forget these above tips. They'll help you a lot with your shooting event.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tips for group Players while using music trial Studios in London

There are few tips for helping out the band players who take rent many music Rehearsal studios London for their practice or while making new music albums and videos. If you are new or upcoming music bands then you can follow these tips to get success in the field of music. Apart from trying to get repeat bookings you have to make sure that you will never be late for shows. That is the first and foremost rule of becoming successful in the world of band performers. You always have to keep this in mind that where ever you are performing; there are so many people who trust you and your commitment. It is your responsibility to reach the venue with much time in hand so that organizers get confidence on you. So make sure that you are coming to the venue much ahead of your actual concert time so that you can check all sound systems, arrangements and all other nitty-gritty.

There is a saying”practice makes a man perfect”, which is really true and most important. So you must start practice at least 5 months in advance from the day of your actual concert. Do not try to sing in high scale from the beginning; try to sing at a comfortable scale with a new song with your all band members with all music arrangements and instruments properly to get the perfect pitch, the perfect voice and perfect quality of performance on the day of the event. All the fallacies can be noticed and rectified only when you practice for a long time and with your band members’ regularly.  Choose carefully your songs they are the backbone of your career and music concert. Choose songs which are popular, which are peppy, take a proper mix match of soulful slow tunes and rock type of songs keeping the audiences’ taste in mind. Always remember audience is your only judge and their verdict can make or break your career. Be very careful which choosing everything for your concerts. Remember your timing schedule during the practice session. You have to come to your music rehearsal studio on the particular time slot that is allotted for you.

London Rehearsal studios

If you come late by any chance first of all make an apology for your late coming, and surely you must not leave late. You need to adjustable and have to accept the fact that there are other musicians or batches of musician are waiting outside for their turn to come, you’re staying late up on the stage can create disturbance in their schedule and this is a pure sign of unprofessionalism which is really not accepted in this field. There is a small tip for every one that after the concert or show gets over do not leave the venue then and there because that is the real time when you get to know real people, you must keep cordial relationship with people over there and you will start getting repeat bookings from there only.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Why Use A Green Screen London?

A green screen can be used for a variety of things from photography to films, videos to music videos and finding a green screen London is much easier than you think.

The best solution for anyone making a music video, short film or doing photography is to find a studio in the London area that offers the pre-lit Chroma key green screen, this way you aren’t forced to hire the screen separately and then still try and transport it to the studio before doing any work.

When you hire a studio that offers the screen, you can arrive at a central location that is easily accessible from all the major motorways and outside the congestion zone, find the screen already set up in the studio size you have chosen and all you have to do is start filming or taking pictures, it’s really that easy.

Find Studios That Offer This Facility

Many studios offer this facility, but you need to find a studio that offers so much more. The studio you choose should offer you a choice of studio sizes and these should come with backline and PA systems. There should be a kitchen and shower facility on site, as well as storage areas for your equipment, easy yard access for loading and unloading and ample parking for all your crew, models and actors.

Studios that offer a repair facility is also advantageous, things always go wrong when you are in the middle of filming. Being able to get priority repairs not only saves you time but saves you money as well, money you are paying for a studio that you are unable to do anything with until the equipment is fully repaired.

Now you know the type of studio you need, maybe you’re wondering why green screen London is so important. Well these screens offer a choice of advantages to anyone who is taking photographs for a portfolio, filming a short film, making a documentary or even a music video.

The Benefits Of Green Screens

It saves you a lot of time, if you were to transport the entire crew to each destination you wanted to show in your movie, you would be paying a lot in transportation costs, wasting a lot of time transporting and setting up equipment and having to deal with problems where key actors or models couldn’t get to the locations.

The green screen enables you to film with ease in a studio and then add any backdrop at a later stage. A good example is when you see the weather forecast on the television. The presenter isn’t pointing to an actual picture, they are using a green screen and the areas are then added later on.

Green screen London is the ideal choice when making any short films, if you are looking to add invisibility into your film, your actor dresses in green making it quick and easy to add the backdrop during the editing process. This is a screen that has so many uses and is fondly used in the movie industry due to its convenience, flexibility and time saving benefits.

Friday, 1 June 2012

What to Expect From London Rehearsal Studios

There are many reasons you may be considering hiring London rehearsal studios from teaching a dance class to making a music video, recording your first album to photography.

Whatever your reason there are perfect options available to make your task seamless and easy as possible. The studios are located outside the congestion zone in London, within easy reach of all the major motorways, ensuring easy accessibility to anyone who wishes to use them.

The advantage to this is you don’t have to worry that some members cannot get there, even if they are travelling with public transport, the studio you choose should be easy access whether arriving in a car or on a bus and train.

The studios should offer ground floor studios with easy yard access making it simple and painless to load and unload all your heavy equipment. Whether it’s just cameras or whether you have drums, guitars and keyboards to unload, you want to be able to do so without carrying them up and down stairs before and after each rehearsal.

Take special note of available parking, this is an important factor in London and you need to ensure that there is parking available to avoid any delays in starting your rehearsal session.

What Should The Offer?

Further do they offer storage or repairs? Storage just makes it that bit easier especially if you have booked the London rehearsal studio for more than one day. This means you don’t have to carry heavy equipment back and forth before and after rehearsals and worry about it overnight. The same applies with on-site repairs, you need to know that should something break it can be fixed quickly and effectively, you should be given first priority at any nearby repair centres so your rehearsal can continue running without too many problems.

When you hire a space for rehearsing you don’t want a large studio if there is only about five of you or a small studio when there is forty of you, so being able to choose the size that best suits your requirement is not only a money saving benefit, but also realistic in terms of what you need.

A six hundred foot studio is ideal for smaller groups, maybe a small dance group, photography session or music video recording where a larger 1,000 foot studio is perfect for those making a television production, short film or video.

The studios should also offer some features such as a kitchen for a good cup of tea during rehearsals, a shower, PA and backline. Some may offer staging and a channel mixing desk, you should confirm this prior to booking.

If you are making a film or video you will want to take advantage of the green screen, always ensure the London rehearsal studios you are considering offer this, this will reduce the amount of items you need to hire and transport to and from the studio.

When making a music recording it’s a good idea to confirm they offer a control room with recording facilities, this will improve your sound for your demos that you are making.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Advantages of Rehearsal Studios London

When it comes time for your band to rehearse or you want to record, choosing Rehearsal studios London come with their own list of great advantages from easy accessibility for all band members to convenience and parking.

There are rehearsal rooms throughout the UK, but when you choose one in London you can enjoy peace of mind that all members can get there with ease due to the location and simple access to all major motorways. This ensures everyone can get to the studio whether travelling in their own vehicles or with public transport.

Of course you’re not going to travel without your equipment, drums, guitars and keyboards take up a lot of space and are heavy to carry into rehearsal areas, so you need to find one that offers ground floor studios with easy access from the car park. This ensures you can load and unload your equipment with ease in the shortest period of time, so you can get recording as quickly as possible.

If you have booked a rehearsal space for more than one day, you need it within easy reach of shops, restaurants and hotels with ample storage to lock your equipment away safely when not in use. This is important, because you don’t want to end up in a situation where you need to carry your expensive equipment up into hotel rooms and then hope it’s safe while you’re out eating dinner.

Various Rehearsal Room Sizes for Convenience

The rehearsal studios London also offer two sizes of studios to meet your requirements; both come with their own range of benefits.

A 600 foot studio for smaller groups with a kitchen and shower complete with PA and backline or a 1,000 foot studio for larger groups with PA and backline, three phase power, staging and a forty channel mixing desk for added convenience.

It doesn’t stop there though, when you choose one of these rehearsal spaces you can enjoy repairs done to equipment nearby. The studios have technicians standing by should anything go wrong with your equipment. This is always bound to happen during recording and repairs can be lengthy and costly processes which are a huge inconvenience to the recording process.

If you intend making a music video you can take advantage of the pre-lit Chroma key green screen available. The screen offers you the ability to put your own video behind the musicians later on and is used when making films, TV, videos and music videos. Add your own personal touches to your music videos rather than it just showing the band on the stage, give it the wow factor you were hoping for.

Assistance isn’t far way when you choose to use the control room and recording facility with experienced engineers on hand to give a helping hand when you need them.

When you look at all the advantages offered with Rehearsal Studios London, it’s easy to see that with simple accessibility, convenience and superb location, this is the way forward for any band looking for rehearsal or recording space in the UK.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Superior Rehearsal Space London

There are many reasons you may decide that Rehearsal space London is right for you. Maybe your band is ready to make their first demo or their first music video, maybe you are putting together a TV production or a short film or maybe you are even starting out in the photography industry and have arranged for some models to come so you can put your photography portfolio together.

Choosing London as a base for this is an always a good idea, it’s easily accessible from all over the country.  When choosing a rehearsal studio ensure you choose on that is outside the congestion zone but within easy reach of all the major motorways, this way you know everyone can get to the space without too much hassle whether travelling in their own vehicles or by public transport.

The next thing you need to take into consideration is where the studios are located in the building, if you have lots of heavy and expensive equipment carrying it up and down stairs is a huge inconvenience. So find rehearsal space London that offers ground floor studios with direct yard access for added convenience. Being in London you will also want to ensure that they offer free parking with the studio rental.

Next consider how close they are to restaurants and shops in the area. You will want to take breaks throughout the day so this is an important part of the hiring process. This ensures everyone can take a break, get a bite to each or run to the shop with ease and get back in time to start rehearsing again.

Storage and Repairs

Does the rehearsal space offer storage facilities and repairs? You never think that your equipment will break down and it will always do so when you least want it to, for example just in the middle of rehearsals when everyone has just got what they are meant to and you are about to start recording. The studio should have repairs available to get your equipment fixed quickly and if all else fails they should offer rentals for the more important equipment needed.

Storage is also important especially if you intend staying for a couple of days. You don’t want to be carrying your equipment back and forth to your vehicle and to your hotel before and after each long day, you want to be able to store it safely and enjoy your evening out before heading back to the hotel without the worry.

Green Screen London :

If you are filming then you will want a green screen. You can hire these but transporting them can be an inconvenience, so find yourself rehearsal space London that has this on offer and find it already set up in the studio you have booked on your arrival enabling you to make your TV production, short film or photography session personalized and unique.

The green screen offers you so much in terms of your own personal stamp on your work; you can add video or pictures behind the people you have taped, making your work stand out in a professional way.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Rehearsal rooms - The best choice for practice

Finding a rehearsal room is a big challenge. At some places it seems a very difficult thing. The most common solution for this problem for musicians is to lease a room in one of the city's old bunkers, many of which have been generously sold to private owners. Because these bunkers are relatively rare, some being not publicly accessible, but constantly decaying, only giving a home to rats and spiders. A room in a bunker provides pretty much the same comfort as a cellar - no windows, usually significant dampness, and no private lavatory. But dampness can be a real problem - and there are basically only two solutions: Install a dehumidifier that wastes a lot of energy or find a better room.

You should not think of finding a better room but think of finding a perfect room. You firstly need to decide what you want your rehearsals to be like, and what requirements the room has to fulfill to make that possible. Here are some hints that may play important role in your decision.

Choose a room that is spacious enough. You should feel comfortable. If you are a loud band you have to have enough space to place monitors or a PA system at a distance long enough to avoid feedback. Also, you should have enough space to place microphones in a proper distance to the main sound sources like amplifiers and especially drums. Music can be fun in tiny room. But the technical limits can be truly annoying. Think you want to invest in more or bigger equipment, but there is no space left, or you would like to get another member into the band, but there is no corner big enough for keyboards and another person. Of course the space is a primary aspect but there is more to it while choosing a rehearsal room.

Dampness can be a serious problem. Here the instruments are mostly made of wood. Dampness can really cause them harm. Find a room with either a ventilation system, or one with a window you can open while you take a break.

Your band may get in trouble with neighbors at the times of your rehearsals. So find out at what times of the day you can play in the room. Of course the best rooms are those that are non-stop rockable. But you need to find out about such limitations before you call a room your band's home. Make sure you have enough time to rock and make the investment pay out.

Your neighbors comfort has been taken into account now what about yours? Noise level from other sources can sometimes be a problem to you especially when you are doing recordings in your rehearsal room. So find a rehearsal room that can serve you as a recording studio too.

Rehearsal Rooms London - The best choice of rehearsal room in London UK with recording facilities, green screen and easy loading from our free parking area.